AppiVa Software Pvt Ltd is Bangalore headquartered early stage startup. Please check our awesome work.

The company has been founded by Ranjan Baisak in 2016, and includes a team of technology, management and design veterans who share a passion of solving critical business issues of enterprises


ezTask CRM : Sales Management and Team collaboration platform available in web and native android app.

  • ezTask CRM is a sales management and collaboration platform( web application and mobile application) for enterprise to simplify and automate sales workflow.
  • Offers an native lead management tool bundled with the solution.
  • Integrates with existing CRM tools like SalesForce, Zoho CRM.
  • Personalized AI engine to manage SMS and mails, so important communications are not missed.
  • Customized Detailed report generation
    Team Goal Monitoring
    Sales Actual and Projection
  • Customized dashboard based on roles
  • Location tracking
  • Cloud based, available in Mobile and Web application – Access from Anywhere anytime from any device

ezTask Personal : The native task management application to manage all your tasks, so that you dont need to visit multiple apps.

  • A task can be based on time or location. For location tasks, User will get notification if within specified distance of destination.
  • A task can have multiple participants. Each participant will be notified by mail/sms/push notification about the task. The response from participants will be displayed to Owner of the task.
  • A task can have multiple attachments, group chat.
  • Attendees of the task can chat with each other.
  • Delegate task, Share task status, Share task details for specific period
  • Configurable view setting : Add multiple calendars, task view, enable/disable sms/mail management
  • A collaboration(meeting) task can have location/skype/whatsapp/teleconference as medium to collaborate.
  • eZilly: An AI powered bot to manage all your tasks.

ezTask Project : ezTask Project is an AI driven task-management and collaboration platform available in web and mobile platform. It can help your team to kick off a project, review a sales contract, finalize next year's budget, real time customer interactions, on the fly project status. Its available in web and mobile app

  • eZilly: Its enterprise version can help to get real time information using natural language from intelligent systems than going to multiple touch points e.g.       When the task X is expected to be completed?, How is the resource availability looking like today?
  • Add Persona into task management i.e. Employee, Client, Guest
  • Reports : Daily/Weekly/Monthly time spent report, Resource utilization report.
  • Export Reports in PDF and share by mail

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  • Ranjan Baisak(RB)

    Co-Founder & Chief Architect

  • Hari K.R.V

    Advisor & Strategy