All Tasks/Events in one place

ezTask is an AI driven collaboration platform, that helps User to manage all tasks/events across devices

Works with every calendar

Works with every calendar

ezTask will integrate all your calendars so you dont need to switch calendars.

Access from anywhere

Cloud Enabled

Access your data from anywhere, from any device. Real time lighting fast sync across all connected devices.

Group chat

Group chat

Chat with all participants of your team, get messages offline, Real time messaging and your Avatar visible to all.

eMail, SMS

Never misss another Mail,Sms

We understand the importance of mail and sms. Our intelligent AI engine will analyze all your sms, mails and extract any task/event/schedule for you so you dont need to worry to miss another appointment.

eZilly:: Your personal assistant

  • eZilly(Personal): Basic support to view tasks on any day, share tasks with other Users, Cancel tasks using voice/natural languages.
  • eZilly(Enterprise): Its enterprise version can be used to by HR/Admin to reach employees easily and efficiently.
  • eZilly(Enterprise):Employees can use to know HR updates, meetings, events etc.


  • Ranjan Baisak(RB)

    Co-Founder & Chief Architect

  • Indejeet Singh Pannu

    Android Developer

  • Dilbag Sandhu

    Android Developer

  • Tapas Mahanta

    AI & Web Developer

  • Swagatika Nayak

    QA Lead

  • Hari K.R.V

    Advisor & Strategy

eZilly:: Your assistant